Our Why

We believe in dreaming bigger and living extraordinary lives through building wealth in real estate.


At our core, BAR Holdings is a wealth building company with a clear focus on positively impact the lives of many, always helping others when able. Through investment in real estate we build wealth, allowing our partners the financial freedom to accomplish their greatest aspiration. Our success is derived from a systematic and inquisitive approach to investing in real property. By leveraging our team’s creativity and experience we produce great investments with a distinct track record of success.


BAR Holdings is a full services real estate investment, construction and property management company that acquires, renovates and manages high performing real estate assets. Our approach is simple: Use creativity and experience to identify and acquire undervalued property at discounted prices; improve the assets through development and renovations to maximize the return; and minimize the risk through hands on professional management. By maintaining all services internally, BAR is able to leverage experience, creativity and knowledge to produce extraordinary investment opportunities.


We are in business to service our partners by providing a platform to build wealth through real estate investing. From acquisition to management our team of highly skilled professionals are involved to ensure risk is minimized and returns maximized. Our team of investment specialists’ source hundreds of prospective deals each month and when a winning deal is identified we capitalize on the opportunity. BAR Holdings personally invests in every deal produced and acts as the General Partner in the investment. As a Partner in a BAR asset you reap the benefit of owning a high performing real estate asset that is handled by real estate professionals, while maintaining the security that the team handling your investment share a financially vested interest.



The success of our company is the direct result of the talented individuals that call BAR Holdings home. It takes all types to make a truly great company, and we believe our culture of promoting innovation and ambitious goal setting is the cornerstone of our success. If you are someone who values education and personal development, thrives when forced outside of your comfort zone and appreciates the value and freedom that true wealth building creates, then we would love to speak with you.


We believe the purpose of wealth building is much greater than simply adding to ones net worth. The mission of BAR Holdings is to allow all partners the financial ability to substantially impact the world around them. For some this will mean financial contributions to causes they believe in, for others it will be the freedom to dedicate time to causes that significantly alter lives. In the end, the partners of BAR Holding must be guided by their passions to determine how they will change the world, our company’s goal is to simply act as the spark that brings positive light into the world

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